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Dr Lowenstein

'Socially, Educationally and People Supportive'

Dr Lowenstein passed away in April 2016 but this website will continue in memoriam for another year as he would have wanted

In the School

Through its Educational and Clinical Psychological Service, SEPS can make a thorough assessment of a child’s needs, and quickly furnish a report on the methods most likely to be effective in dealing with individual difficulties, whether these are emotional, academic, or behavioural.

We can work with teachers and parents in overcoming children’s learning difficulties in general, or in specific subjects such as reading, spelling or mathematics; in advising on specific courses; and in developing vocational skills. Specialised testing for dyslexia is available.

In the Legal Field

At a time when the expertise of Expert Witnesses is frequently questioned, we are able to offer a service based on a combination of research and publications in a variety of specific areas dealing with Forensic Psychology.

We have been carrying out such work for almost 10 years and have found that at times of economic stringencies, funds have never been refused from such organisations as Legal Aid.

Dr Ludwig Fred Lowenstein

Southern England Psychological Services