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What will the Psychologist do for you?

A highly qualified and experienced Psychologist, who is a chartered member of the British Psychological Association and on the UK Register of Expert Witnesses, and is also on the Law Society List of Expert Witnesses, can offer the following expertise:

He will provide you with a comprehensive and highly professional service based on a personal diagnostic assessment of your client. This will consist of in-depth interviews and more importantly objective and projective testing based on standardised norms. This is then followed by a written report concerning your client and responding to your brief.

How will this Report help you?

It will provide an objective expert opinion in response to your questions and the needs of your client, backed up by research, much of which has been published.

Will the Psychologist be prepared to be an Expert Witness in court?

Yes, he will. He has researched and written about many aspects of Forensic Psychology. These are available on request. They provide the kind of back-up of expertise frequently required when experts are cross-examined as to their basis for being experts.

How does the Psychologist differ from a Psychiatrist?

He differs in many ways. Chiefly, the psychologist does not rely on interviews and opinions based solely thereon. He has standardised tools to measure objectively and report what he finds. His training is more specialised to diagnose and treat problems.

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