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Dr Ludwig F.Lowenstein M.A., Dip. Psych., Ph.D. founded Allington Manor in 1978, following years of experience as a Consultant Psychologist and after serving the Hampshire Education Authority as Chief Educational Psychologist.

Dr Lowenstein obtained his M.A. and Doctorate in Psychology and Education at London University, and is one of Britainís most quoted authorities on psychology in Education. His background includes work on mental hospitals, child guidance clinics and residential centres for maladjusted adolescents in New York City. He served as a teacher, a welfare officer, and, in Australia, as a probation officer. Over the years he has held such appointments as: Director of Assessment and Guidance for maladajusted boys with learning difficulties, London and Winchester; Chief Examiner in Education Psychology, College of Preceptors, London; former educational psychologist in Essex and London; Visiting Lecturer to the Universities of London, Southampton, Maryland (U.S.A.), and Visiting Professor to the University of Khartoum (Sudan), as well as to many U.K. Colleges of Technology and teacher training colleges. His appointments have included a directorship of the International Council of Psychologists and the Chair of the Hampshire Association for Gifted Children. He has also written widely on the subject of educational psychology and forensic psychology, and as itís first Editor-in-Chief, helped found the journal School Psychology International. Articles on his research into the philosophy, diagnosis and treatment of children with problems are available on request, as are his books.

He was made an honorary member of the Polish Medical Society for acting as consultant to the setting up of a therapeutic community near Warsaw similar to that of Allington Manor, giving lecturers and donating a book dealing with the functioning of the Centre. Louis Pasteur was one of the persons who achieved this honour outside Poland. He is currently an Educational and Psychological Consultant. He was made a fellow of the college of Preceptors and has also published books and over 360 articles on a variety of subjects including those dealing with Forensic matters. He was recently made President Elect (2010) of the Internationl Council of Psychologists.


(A) B.A. Degree. University of Western Australia, (1955-1958.)
Subjects taken:- Psychology, Education, English, German, Philosophy , Sociology.
(B) M.A. Degree. University of London, (1958 - 1960.)
Birkbeck College. Title of Research:- The Psychological Needs of Sub-Normal Children as Assessed by a Thematic Apperception Test. Examiner of Thesis - Prof. C. A. Mace.
(C) Diploma in Clinical and Educational Psychology. Institute of Psychiatry, University of London, (1961 - 1962.)
(D) Ph. D. University of London, (1966.) Main Research:- An Application of Group Operant Conditioning. Thesis Examiner:- Prof. Vernon and Dr. G. Jones.
(E) C. Psychol. AFBPsS. Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. Membership Number:- 21085.


-President Elect 2010 – International Council of Psychologists
-Director, Allington Manor Psychological Services.
-Honorary Member of the Polish Medical Society.
-Member of the Association of Educational Psychologists (A.E.P.), Great Britain.
-Member of the American Psychological Association (APA) Membership no: 3064/8272.
-Visiting Professor to the Jungian Society, Zurich, Switzerland. -Member of the International Foundation of Learning. ( Canada.)
-Member of Editorial Board of the International Journal of Group Tensions. -Member of Editorial Board of Special Services in the Schools Journal. -Member of Editorial Board of Journal of Applied School Psychology. -Consulting Editor:- Suicide and Life Threatening Behaviour Journal.
-Member of the Special Group in Clinical Neuropsychology.
-Member of The British Academy of Forensic Sciences.
-Member of Editorial Board of Quarterly Journal of Mental Health.

-Previous Experience:-

-(1968 - 1974.) Chief Educational Psychologist, Hampshire C.C.
- Head of Psychology and Educational Psychology in charge of 12 qualified psychologists, other staff and trainees.
-Visiting Lecturer to the Department of Sociology for the University of Southampton and Reading College of Technology.
-(1974 - 1976.) Independent Clinical - Educational Consultant Psychologist. -Director of Assessment and Guidance Centre ( London and Winchester.) -Visiting Lecturer:- London University; University of Southampton; Reading College of Technology; Southampton Technical College; and University of Maryland, U.S.A.
-Visiting Professor of Psychology and Education, Faculty of Education, University of Khartoum, Omdurman, Sudan
- Development of Child Guidance and Special Education in the Sudan. -Former Editor-in-Chief,and a founder member of School Psychology International. (1979 - 1985.).
-Former Director of International Council of Psychologists (ICP) (1981 - 3.) -Former Chairman - Hampshire Branch of the Association for Gifted Children, (1981 - 1983.)
- Chairman and Trustee – Children of High Intelligence 2008/09
-Former Honorary Secretary of I.S.P.A. (1983 - 1985.)
-Former Chairman of the Consultative Committee on Solvent Abuse, Hampshire.
-Former Treasurer of the British Rorschach Forum Trust
-(1964 - 1967) Area Clinical Psychologist for Essex, (1964.)
-(1962 - 1964) Educational Psychologist, London County Council.
-(Before 1962.) Market Research, Industrial Psychology. Teacher. Research, Journalism, Army (Paratrooper), Tree - Felling, Lifeguard, Factory Worker, Farmer, Sailor, Swimming Instructor, Security Guard, Painter, Carpenter, Boat Builder, Foundry Worker.


(A) Prof. Charles Spielberger, Director, Centre for Research on Community Psychology, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida 33620, U.S.A.
(B) Dr Peter Merenda, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI 02881, U.S.A. (C) Dr Frances Culbertson, University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, 800 West Main Street, Whitewater, Wisconsin 53190, U.S.A.
(D) Mr W. Briggs, 2 Lynford Avenue, Winchester, Hants.
(E) Dr G, Watson, 49 Woodfield Drive, Winchester, Hants.
(F) Professor C. Mace, (Deceased) - Testimonial.
(G) Professor Sybil Eysenck, Department of Psychology, Institute of Psychiatry, De Crespigny Park, Denmark Hill, London. SE5 8AH, Great Britain.


(A) American Psychological Association. – Member & Foreign Affiliate.
(B) National Association of Gifted Children. - Consultant to.
(C) Chairman of CHI (Children of High Intelligence)
(D) International Council of Psychologists. - Director (1983.) Director 2nd term (1999-2000)
(E) Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.
(F) Fellow of the College of Preceptors (now the College of Teachers).
(G) UK Register of Expert Witnesses.
(H) The Expert Witness Directory.
(I) Member of the Academy of Expert Witnesses.
(J) Member of Expert Witness.
(K) APIL Expert Witness Database.
(L) AVMA Database.
(M) Chartered Scientist of British Psychological Society

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